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Emma Rebman

Birth Date: 1865
Death Date: 1951
State: Illinois
Marital Status: Single
General Occupation: Education
Occupation: Educator
Political Party Activism: Republican
Social Reform Activism: Women's Clubs


In 1910 Emma Rebman was elected Johnson County, Illinois superintendent of schools with a large majority of votes. She had trained as a teacher, graduating from Valparaiso University. She gained a reputation as an excellent school administrator while working in Missouri and Arizona. Rebman returned to her home state of Illinois early in the twentieth century and ran for office shortly thereafter. Rebman was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church and the Woman's Club of Vienna, Illinois. She was also a member of the Rebekah lodge, and the National Educational Association.

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Emma Rebman's Campaign for County Superintendent of Schools, 1910

Political Office: County Superintendent of Schools
Election Year: 1910
Political Party: Republican
Elected: Yes



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