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Olive M. Johnson

Birth Date: 1872
Death Date: 1954
State: New York
Marital Status: Divorced
General Occupation: Writing · Clerical · Education
Occupation: Writer, Clerk, Restaurant worker, Teacher
Political Party Activism: Socialist · United Labor Party
Social Reform Activism: This woman was not a social reform activist.


Olive M. Johnson ran for Illinois University trustee in 1904 on the Socialist Labor ticket, but did not win a seat on the board. In 1918 Johnson campaigned for the office of Governor of New York, in, as the Socialist-Labor party candidate. Johnson was not elected. Johnson was also the Socialist-Labor candidate for Mayor of New York City in 1929 and for U.S. Senate from New York in 1934. Johnson was a Socialist-Labor party activist for many years and edited the SLP's journal beginning in 1918.

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Olive M. Johnson's Campaign for University Trustee, 1904

Political Office: University Trustee
Election Year: 1904
Political Party:
Elected: No

Olive M. Johnson's Campaign for Governor, 1918

Political Office: Governor
Election Year: 1918
Political Party:
Elected: No



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