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Anna E. Nicholes

Birth Date: 1918
Death Date:
State: Illinois
Marital Status: Single
General Occupation: Social and Political Reform Activism
Occupation: County Civil Service Commissioner/Settlement work activist
Political Party Activism: Democratic
Social Reform Activism: Civic Reform · Labor · Suffrage · Women's Clubs


In 1906 Anna E. Nicholes ran for the office of University of Illinois Trustee on the Democratic Party ticket. She polled 298,563 votes (12.42), but did not win one of the three positions to be filled in this election. She was one of three individuals appointed in 1913-1914 as a Cook County Civil Service Commissioner, the first woman in the county to hold this position. She served as secretary of the commission. Nicholes was active in the fight for woman suffrage in Illinois. On March 7, 1911, for example, she appeared before the Illinois legislature (House) with Jane Addams, Catharine Waugh McCulloch, Ella S. Stewart, and others, each woman giving three minute speeches in support of the Brown and Tice suffrage bills. Nicholes also participated in the Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy. She was active in the Woman's City Club in Chicago. Nicholes was a resident of Neighborhood House (a social settlement) for thirteen years. She authored articles and leaflets about settlement work. She was a member of the Consumers' League and the Woman's Trade Union League, and considered herself progressive in her politics.

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Anna E. Nicholes's Campaign for University Trustee, 1906

Political Office: University Trustee
Election Year: 1906
Political Party: Democratic
Elected: No



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