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Eva Morley Murphy

Birth Date: November 22nd, 1856
Death Date:
State: Kansas
Marital Status: Married
General Occupation: Education · Writing
Occupation: Teacher; author
Political Party Activism: Progressive
Social Reform Activism: Suffrage · Women's Clubs · Other · Temperance


In 1914 Eva Murphy (Mrs. Eugene F.) of Goodland, Kansas campaigned for the U.S. House of Representatives, Sixth District, as a Progressive Party candidate. She came in third in a field of four candidates. She was quoted by the Independent newspaper as stating, "I shall not spend one cent in cigars or candy to bribe voters." She toured her large district arguing on behalf of the Progressive platform, prohibition laws, and "beneficial" changes in the laws for women. Murphy believed strongly that "mature women," finished with child rearing and capable of leadership, should enter into the "larger political responsibilities of the nation." She authored two books and was active in the temperance and woman suffrage causes. Murphy was born in Illinois and as a young woman taught school for five years. In the early twentieth century, she authored two books, The Miracle on the Smoky and Other Stories, and Lois Morton's Investment. She was active in temperance (W.C.T.U.) and suffrage, and a member of the Federation of Women's Clubs.

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Eva Morley Murphy's Campaign for U.S. House of Representatives, 1914

Political Office: U.S. House of Representatives
Election Year: 1914
Political Party: Progressive
Elected: No



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