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Helen Ring Robinson

Birth Date: 1878
Death Date: 1923
State: Colorado
Marital Status: Married
General Occupation: Writing · Education
Occupation: Writer; lecturer
Political Party Activism: Democratic
Social Reform Activism: Labor · Suffrage · Other


Helen Ring Robinson, writer and lecturer, ran in Colorado's 1912 Democratic primary for the office of state senate. She won the primary and then the general election, becoming one of the first women in the United States to hold this state office. Her policy interests were many. In a November 23, 1913 interview printed in the New York Times, Robinson said that it was "the womanly woman who was needed in politics, not a creature recreated in the image of man." While state senator, in 1913 Robinson traveled to the mining camps affected by the Ludlow strike. In testimony before the Commission on Industrial Relations she told of her visit to the tent colony, "where she found a friendliness among women of all nationalities -a true melting pot at Ludlow. In this regard, the strikers not only pioneered unionism, they challenged the rampant public racism of the day." In 1915 she traveled as a member of the Henry Ford Peace Ship. Earlier in her writing career, Robinson adapted the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin for young readers.

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Helen Ring Robinson's Campaign for Senator, 1912

Political Office: Senator
Election Year: 1912
Political Party: Democratic
Elected: Yes

Helen Ring Robinson's Campaign for State Senate, 1914

Political Office: State Senate
Election Year: 1914
Political Party: Democratic
Elected: Yes



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