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Carrie Clyde Holly

Birth Date: 1857
Death Date: circa 1930
State: Colorado
Marital Status: Married
General Occupation: Legal System
Occupation: Attorney
Political Party Activism: Republican
Social Reform Activism: This woman was not a social reform activist.


Carrie C. Holly was one of the first women elected to the Colorado House of Representatives. She was elected in 1894 and served for two years, representing Vineland, Peublo County. Holly was born in New York City and lived there until she moved West in 1889. She studied law with her husband, Judge Charles Holly, and they lived on a ranch at Vineland with their two daughters. The women of Colorado are enthusiastic voters and it is claimed that they cast fifty-two per cent of the total vote, though there are in the state, 30,000 more men than women. Though they have not enjoyed their full rights of representation, the women have not been over-clamorous for elective office, though they lay just claims to a larger share in the appointive positions, and thus far feel that they have not received the recognition to which their status as citizens and their work entitle them. As county and state school superintendents they have shown a high degree of proficiency.

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Carrie Clyde Holly's Campaign for State House of Representatives, 1894

Political Office: State House of Representatives
Election Year: 1894
Political Party: Republican
Elected: Yes



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