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Women by State & Territory: Maine

While women in some western states were the first to gain full suffrage and electoral rights on equal terms with men, women in 40 states and territories across the nation served in public offices on local and state levels before 1920.
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Name Campaign Date
Louisa Coffin Louisa Coffin's Campaign for School Committee, 1874 1874
Delia A. Curtis Delia A. Curtis' Campaign for Town School Superintendent 1874
Ada DeLaite Ada DeLaite's Campaign for Town School Committee, 1874
Octavia Moulton Graffte Octavia Moulton Graffte's Campaign for Assessor, 1890 1890
Mary A. Hall Mary A. Hall's Campaign for School Board, 1870 1870
Addie Lawrence Addie Lawrence's Campaign for School Board Member, 1898 1898
Annie Lincoln Annie Lincoln's Campaign for Town School Committee, 1874 1874
Agnes B. Merrill Agnes B. Merrill's Campaign for Justice of the Peace, 1918 1918
S. F. Roberts S.F. Roberts' Campaign for School Board, 1870 1870
Olive Rose Olive Rose's Campaign for Register of Deeds, 1853 1853